Sustainability Embedded into the Curricula at Bedford College

Bedford College aims to incorporate sustainability into all training programmes across the college, and to play a leading role in building the Further Education sector's capacity to contribute to low carbon economic development. The promotion of sustainable citizenship and ecological awareness through education is demonstrated most eloquently through the projects undertaken throughout the departments in the college. Selected examples are given below.

Art & Design

The Art & Design department are using every opportunity to bring sustainability into their classrooms. Their students have undertaken several projects recently that incorporate the concept of sustainability into their art and design work. Follow the links below to see some examples from some of their classes.

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3D Alchemy studentsInteractive Media students


A course was delivered as part of the ESF Funded Skills for Sustainable Development project entitled "Developing Sustainable Agriculture - Creating a Small Scale Eco-holding".

Agriculture students and solar power

"It was incredibly interesting and great to see so many sustainable solutions in place and to have the opportunity to discuss how each one had been implemented. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend the course". -Jane Hickman

Agriculture students

"I was very impressed with the course content and what Simon has achieved". - David Wood

Agriculture students

"I thought it was excellent - very interesting". - Fiona Rutherford

Agriculture students

"I meant to thank you and Bedford College for organising the visit last week - it was fascinating! Very impressed with what the Saggers family is doing". - Jane Morris